Collection: Candy Ng

Candy Ng is a Melbourne-based fine artist and calligrapher who specializes in showcasing her work in a lively, playful and painterly way. Living in Hong Kong in the first 30 years of her life had a great impact on her art. The city that never sleeps, the spectacular city view, the mixture of modern and tradition.

She enjoys using bold colors and expressive brush strokes to express joy and freedom, and continuously experimenting in different art mediums and subjects.

Candy also specializes in illustrating at live events for international brands such as Prada, Montblanc, Guerlain and Lancôme, performing live calligraphy and engraving for Christian Dior, Tiffany & Co, among others.


All digital art pieces will be on auction during each exhibit with proceeds split between the artist and local Pacific charities selected by them.