Collection: Melissa Vincent

Melissa Vincent, @misvincent as she is known on Instagram, is a self-taught artist based in Oxford, Mississippi in the US. 

She has created dream-like visuals born from her Southern roots exclusively on an iPhone since 2011 which lead her to the wilds of Africa with National Geographic WILD, Northern Ireland to shoot Game of Thrones film locations, selling her art in brick and mortar galleries, as well as working with top brands such as Canon and McDonalds.

She has been named one of the top 50 Instagram accounts to follow by TIME. Since late 2020, she became curious about the Web3 space and what it meant for digital artists such as herself. She has since gone on to sell out 3 NFT drops on


All digital art pieces will be on auction during each exhibit with proceeds split between the artist and local Pacific charities selected by them.