Melissa Vincent

Finding a Way

Finding a Way

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Travel is the search for your true self. The road of reflection on where you’ve been and where you want to go. The way toward colorful revelations only found if you seek them. 

“What good are wings without the courage to fly?” — Harper Lee

“Finding a Way” was inspired by my love of traveling on long, open backroads, twisting and turning and never knowing where you will end up or what enchantment is around the corner. When I first started making art on my iPhone in 2011, my youngest baby was 3 years old. I would load him into the backseat with a coffee in my hand and we would drive for hours exploring the American South which led to many exciting moments. Occasionally, I would stop to photograph interesting finds we came across which I then brought home to collage into pieces of art on my phone. The attention these works received opened doors for me to travel further to the East and West coast of the USA as well as South Africa and Northern Ireland. I will forever be grateful to those Southern backroads for taking me places, teaching me about myself, and connecting me with people around the world.

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