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Chern'ee Sutton

Journey to Sydney

Journey to Sydney

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In my design the large blue community symbol in the centre represents the City of Sydney as well as the people who call the region home, the women are represented by the U symbols with coolamons and digging sticks and the men are represented through the U symbols with spears. Surrounding this community symbol is the Parramatta River which along with the other surrounding rivers, helps to bring life to city. Some of Sydney’s most quintessential icons also surround this community symbol, many of these icons and landmarks draw tourists and travellers into the city and help to make Sydney so diverse and unique. From the Sydney Opera house and the Harbour Bridge, to the Sydney Tower eye and countless skyscrapers, to Sydney town hall and Bondi beach, which is only a small portion of what this amazing city has to offer. 

The boomerang, handprints and community symbol in the bottom left of the artwork represents the traditional custodians of the region, who have lived on and nurtured the lands for over 65,000 years, as well as the culture, history and connection they have with the region. That is where the footprints and journey begin, they lead from the past to present Sydney today, modern, vibrant and bustling, the footprints then lead onto a brighter future, represented by the Sun. The travelling lines and community symbols in light blue and white represents people travelling to Sydney from different communities and regions, large and small, with the outlining colours symbolising the different environments they travel from. The red is the desserts and outback, blue is the coastlines and waterways, aqua is the bush and rainforests and green is rich agricultural lands. 

The platypus is the animal emblem of New South Wales and the Kookaburra is the bird emblem, with the vibrant red Waratah being the floral emblem and the state colours of blues and white have been used throughout the design. 

The elements in the background surrounded by yellow dots symbolise the many methods of transportation and the reasons why people love to travel, whether its by plane, bus or boat, a short trip, a well-deserved holiday, or a much-needed reunion with family, whether traveling from near or far, from around our beautiful Country or from abroad, everyone has a unique reason to travel and Sydney accommodates them all, with the dots and lines in the background connecting them all together.

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